Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much does it cost to look at my Plumbing Issues?

Our service calls are $45.00 dollars, If you live close though we may often get a plumber to go out and give an estimate for free. We do not charge for gas miles and we do our jobs by project. We do not do jobs by the hour as to prevent prolonged jobs.

What Is Your Area You Service ?

We service Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County. We can even service the Orange County area as well.

How Much Will The Job Cost?

We can give you a free estimate but our men need to see the job either in person or by phone images. We always add our service fee to our total cost.

Are there any Warranties on my repair?

There is a standard warranty and it all depends on what is done. Water Heaters for example have a 6 year warranty.